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The Wallth Are Thoundproof / MOVED: Corrupt a Wish...
« on: August 12, 2019, 06:56:58 pm »
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The Wallth Are Thoundproof / MOVED: KFA: Keep Forgetting Abreviations?
« on: August 12, 2019, 06:55:53 pm »
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The Wallth Are Thoundproof / MOVED: Three Word Story [[Game]]
« on: August 12, 2019, 06:54:45 pm »
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The Wallth Are Thoundproof / MOVED: Vending Machine
« on: August 12, 2019, 06:51:59 pm »

General / The Return of Calvinball
« on: August 05, 2019, 09:46:23 pm »
So, as a reminder of the rules:

Quote from: Caenus
Okay, this one will be moderated by me fairly closely.  I got the idea from another forum that I post on.

This is fairly simple.  We play calvinball, using no objects other than what would normally be found in Calvin's backyard (also anything in a croquet set is legal - i.e. wickets, mallets, etc.).

Each poster must post as either Calvin or Hobbes.  You will always post opposite the poster above you.  If you are Calvin, then your posts need to look like this.  If you are Hobbes, then your posts need to look like this.

Just make up a rule and have fun with it.  Bear in mind though, that you need to come up with a clever way to negate a rule if you don't want it to be in effect.

Be sure to end your post with an open ended action that the next person can use.

For Example:

Calvin bounces the ball into play off his forehead (as required since he started the game within the "forehead bounce zone") and runs towards his own goal, crossing into the hop on one foot border. 

Calvin hops frantically on one foot but trips in a gopher hole.

Hobbes scoops up the ball and runs to the rock of foreign national anthems, he throws the ball toward his goal while singing the Norwegian National Anthem (for double points, due to the Norwegian vocal scoring factor).

The ball bounces off the post of dizzyness.

Not too hard is it?  I'll be nice at first, but you need to try to get the hang of the game fairly quickly, as I WILL be deleting posts that just don't work.

Consider those two the first plays of the game, next person start with Calvin and the post of dizzyness.

In this case, I will be monitoring closely, and will be expecting the same level of play as Caenus did.

Style Changes

Please post as follows:

:calvin: This will denote a post by Calvin.
Code: [Select]
:calvin: This will denote a post by Calvin.
:hobbes: This will denote a post by Hobbes.
Code: [Select]
:hobbes: This will denote a post by Hobbes.
This should be easier to read.

General Discussion / [3D Printing] "Perfect" Delta Calibration Method
« on: August 09, 2018, 05:47:29 pm »

General Announcements / Precursors v0.8.0 Released (Yes, really)
« on: April 04, 2018, 10:52:47 am »
New Release

That's right! After 12 years, untold iterations (5-7 depending on who's counting), there's a new, official release of Precursors, v0.8.0. This is an all new engine, and all new code, but old everything else.

I'll get into the "why?" in a moment, but first let's talk about what's in this release:

Precursors v0.8.0

  • Windows, Linux, macOS, and web
  • Mouse-look style flight controls
  • Real physics based movement
  • New Engine: Unity
  • "Nostalgic" asteroids scene
  • "New" skybox (still about ten years old at this point)
  • Entirely new codebase
  • Feature parity with v0.3.4 build 967

There is no multiplayer in this build. While it wouldn't be hard to add at this point, I just didn't get it done this weekend. But there wasn't multiplayer in the v0.3.4 build either, so...

No, seriously, what?

Alright, so I'll come clean. As everyone knows, Precursors has been dead for a while. Officially about two years now... it's been a fun ride, but it doesn't look like our MMORPG dreams will ever see the light of day. The core team's even split, with whitelynx in Boston... it'll never be what it was. That's sad, and I'm not exactly thrilled to let over a decade of work just live in tarballs on dusty old backup drives.

Since we started, the indie game scene has taking off wildly. Things like Unity didn't exist for most of it, and even once it became a thing, we dismissed it out of hand, because it was weak, didn't perform great, and who wants to code in .Net anyway? Well, since then Unity has evolved, and we got stuck in the mud. Looking back it's clear that we probably didn't make the right calls, but it was impossible to know at the time.

This last Easter weekend, I set out to teach myself some Unity. What better to start with than something I knew? So I dug through some backups, and found the original C++ codebase; the same codebase that we last announced a release from. "Alright, screw it, how about I just remake that?" After about 8 hours, I'd done it, except for a UI. So I found our old SVG sprite sheet, taught myself some more Unity, and built a working UI. No, it's not a visual match for the old one, but it's using the same sprites, and that was close enough.

Frankly, this project turned into an homage for the last decade of friends, fun, and code. I don't plan on doing more with this (except maybe networking), but I thought all of you might get a kick out of it. So here it is, in all it's glory.


Don't feel like downloading it? Well, have a webGL version. (The UI scales weird, but it's still usable.)

Want to see the code? I've put it up here:

And, please, enjoy!

RaptorNL / Project Archive
« on: March 31, 2018, 10:27:52 pm »
I recently found the source code for this project. It's now archived here:

A lot of work went into this library over a short time, but I'm not sure if it was ever working.

Precursors / Download Links
« on: March 31, 2018, 10:11:04 pm »
Precursors Client Download Links

I'm pleased to announce Download Links for Precursors! There are a couple of versions, all with their own installer (for windows).


There's even a couple of old versions for linux.


Wait, what?

Did I just post download links to 12 year old versions of Precursors? Why, yes, yes I did. Not only is it nice to have these files rescued from old backups on equally old servers, but the windows ones install and run! It's super neat to look back at our old files and play around with them.

The linux versions come with the caveat of I don't know if they run, or what state they're in. Clearly that rc-1 has bugs that weren't in the final release (I hope).

Anyway, feel free to stroll down memory lane, and mess around. I know I had fun playing around with things.

Artwork / Keith Artwork
« on: November 15, 2017, 07:26:46 pm »
Digging through all the random crap we ever uploaded to our shared host, I've found some artwork of Keith's. Figured I'd post some of the gems here, for posterity.

General Announcements / The Forums are back!
« on: November 13, 2017, 10:41:00 am »
It has been six years since these forums have been online. The latest post was form March, 2011. I don't even remember why they went offline, but they did and eventually they disappeared for good. Or so I thought, since I didn't have a single backup of them.


Thanks to Mike Burk (and several hours of my time doing weird arcane things with a CentOS vm from 2012, cpanel, three dockers, and a few hundred lines of node.js code) I was able to get a backup of the forums migrated to the latest SMF, and the latest mysql. Registration's (temporarily) disabled, but posts and everything should work.

Where do we go from here?

There's a lot of just ancient posts and topics on this board. I mean, it's all ancient, since it hasn't been live for 6 years. But most of the projects and other things have been put on the dusty shelf, or imploded.

But let's be honest, most of us don't remember the game this forums was born around. We remember the Mafia games, the Wars, the community we built here. This was where a lot of us met, and made friendships that lasted years.

And some that, sadly, ended far too soon.

My intention is to open these back up to registration, and get them into a more stable, maintainable state. I want to build a community again, and breath some more life into these old, dusty boards. But a community of one is not a community. I'm announcing this topic, with the hopes that some of you still have those emails (lord knows, some of us never change), see the message, and decide to come back, even if just to laugh at our much younger selves.

Then, we (as a community) need to decide what we want to do with these. Archive all the old stuff, and try to make some shiny new boards and move on? Keep these forums in an archived state, and disable posting? Start over from scratch with new software, new posts, and a new mission?

Whatever we decide; my intention is to keep these forums running indefinitely. There's meaning in that for me, so I'll gladly keep spending the time required to keep them up.


Leverage / Game Setup
« on: March 28, 2011, 04:49:18 pm »

This game will be run in a different format from normal. This game will be episodic. Each mission will be relatively self contained, and will run about a month in length. There will be a week downtime while I prepare the next mission, and open the game for new character applications, and allow players to decide if they want to continue on. There is an overarching plot, but I've specifically designed this so that new players can come in to each mission without feeling completely overwhelmed. However, because the game is formatted like this, I will not bring in players in the middle of a mission, unless there's extenuating circumstances.


This is a modification of a Star Wars D6 campaign I ran. As such, we will be using the Star Wars D6 Rule set as a guideline. However, because this is play by post, and therefore much slower than a normal tabletop session, we'll be only using a subset of the rules outlined in the book. I will attempt to make it as simple, and easy as possible to get up to speed with.

First, there are some resources that you will want to get your hands on. The most critical is the Players Handout. This is a simple, 4 page document that explains the basic rules of Star Wars D6. I've also attached the handout, and the full Core Rulebook to this post. (Normally, I wouldn't post a PDF of a Rulebook like this, but it's been out of print for years, and is almost impossible to get your hands on.)

Star Wars / Game Rules
« on: March 28, 2011, 02:08:37 am »
While each GM is allowed to use a modified set of these rules, saying 'anything goes' is just an invitation to chaos. Also, if there isn't a cohesive list of what's allowed and what isn't, it makes it much more difficult to settle disputes, and to keep games running smoothly. As such, I am outlining the rules I will use for my games, and other GMs can simply reference this post, and list how they're modifying it, rather than writing out a gigantic opening post with rules, setting, etc.

The following posts are split by topic, to allow for easy linking, to the specific bits that GMS would like to use, as well as for ease of reading.

General Announcements / Keith Hayes
« on: February 20, 2011, 01:48:30 pm »
These types of messages are always the hardest to write... but, I have to inform all of you that Keith Hayes (Caenus as he was known here) passed away last night.

Keith had been battling Cancer for the last 6 months, and on Feb. 1st, had a bone marrow transplant. He'd requested no contact for his recovery period, so none of us had talked to him much near then end. We don't have many details, and I didn't want to wait until everything was known before posting this message.

Keith was like a brother to me, and influenced these forums, RFI, and so much of my life, for so long, that it's hard to imagine him being gone. He will be missed, greatly.


Poetry / Words
« on: August 07, 2008, 03:51:00 pm »

What are these words like paint and brush,
Deafening screams and whispers hush?
Like sharp knives cut and claws that tear,
like needle and thread, they do repair.
What are these words that echo fears,
that give us strength and dry our tears?
They tell us tales of long ago,
they come too fast, they come too slow.
Are words unspoken just shadows found,
like thunder blasts, without a sound.
These silent words of thoughts unspoken,
of dreams to come and hearts not broken.
What are these words that mean so much,
that light our souls like a lover's touch?
Where do they go when we are done,
when our lungs propel them from our tongue?
They will live forever in our souls,
like undying embers from timeless coals.

--Scott C. Case

(Yup, that's an original by my father.)

Precursors Artwork / New Ares Concept Model
« on: August 01, 2008, 03:06:49 pm »
Well, I was sitting here at work, and I had a bit of an epiphany. I sat down, and came up with a new concept for the Ares body shape. Below are the rough 'sketches' I did in inventor while at work.

Developer Meeting Logs / Developer Meetings
« on: June 02, 2008, 02:26:28 am »

All Developer Meeting happen Sundays at 6pm CST.


All meetings are held on irc. The server is and the channel is #svnprecursors.


All logs can be found here:

General Announcements / Forum Maturity Level
« on: May 06, 2008, 02:31:39 am »
It pains me that I have to make this post. However, due to recent events, it has become clear that I need to say something. A member of the forums has already been banned; I would like to avoid others. Let me be clear and concise:

Immaturity will no longer be tolerated on these forums.

This isn't to say that we will ban you for tasteless humor, or even the occasional slip up. Rather, this is a warning. Blatant and/or admitted immaturity will no longer be allowed on these forums. You may joke, you may have fun, but remember that when all is said and done, respect is far more important then getting people to laugh at your latest lame joke.

Also, I feel I must make one final comment.

I will no longer tolerate continued harassment of members of my forums. Your first PM to someone should never be 'You're one hot bitch.' That is harassment. I will personally ban anyone that makes other feel uncomfortable.

Remember, the goal of these forums isn't to get members. It's not even to keep members. It's to be a tool towards the creation of the Requiem for Innocence, and other G33X Nexus Entertainment Games/Universes. I enjoy using them as a place to have fun, but I will close them down completely if the rampant immaturity does not cease immediately.

Thank you.


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