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That, and many others like it.
I'll let you all judge for yourselves.

General Discussion / The Hobbit Movie
« on: May 29, 2008, 09:34:32 am »
Hey, all!
I'm no good at keeping up with these things, so I don't know when this info. was released, but I JUST found out that Guillermo del Toro will be directing The Hobbit, and Peter Jackson will be producing. This makes me very happy. I LOVE Guillermo sooo much.
**For those who don't know, he is the man who did Pan's Labyrinth.**
So, he's rocking at the whole 'dark, yet whimsical fantasy.'

And, I discovered a huge question chat with him and Jackson answering tons of questions about the upcoming movies. Yes, movies.
Apparently, they're also making a film about 'the time between The Hobbit and the Ring Trilogy. I'm curious as to what they're going to stick in it, but it seems some of it will include 'the mysterious things Gandalf does when he leaves Bilbo and the Dwarves.' And that makes me squee.

Here's a link to that interview:

Hobbitses Chattings

Precursors Artwork / New Grey Concepts
« on: May 10, 2008, 11:45:41 am »
Emers got bored and decided to draw some aliens.
Morgul has been trying to get Emers to do some more concept work on the Grey.
Emers complies, and wins.

Here are some portraits. I likes them.

Yes, the anatomy needs work. This bit was drawn in... well, a very brief span of time, to simply gauge an idea. I intend to revisit it with a more informed approach. :D

Playing with color.  :twisted:

The design still needs tweaks of course, but I love it, and Morgul seemed to like them, too. We're closer than ever to having a solid design for these creepy little baddies.  :dance:

Wallpapers / Emerwyn's RFI Wallpapers
« on: May 08, 2008, 01:21:16 am »
I thought it'd be fun to make a wallpaper for RFI. So I did. This one features the 'protagonists.' I put it in quotes because there are other characters who are protagonists in their own right, but they take a while to be redeemed. *Notice the lack of Simon, for example*
I laid it out for all of the following screen types (yes, even widescreen.)
I want to do tons more, so if you have a specific character or something you'd like to see one of, let me know. :D

1280x1024 -

1024x768 -

1280x800 (widescreen) -

800x600 -

Short Stories / A Girl and Her Cat
« on: April 28, 2008, 02:30:25 pm »
This is the story that I wrote when I first started honestly developing Ginerva as a fully fleshed out character. The same events contained here became Ginerva's past in the RFI universe.

It's rather dark, somewhat gruesome, and definitely disturbing in its own right. Please understand, I don't enjoy the events that take place, but they serve their purpose and make an interesting point. They also help explain a lot about why Ginerva is the way she is.

The girl sat outside, below the porch, behind the shrubs. But, she wasn't alone, though she tried so hard to pretend she was. For lying beside her was something that, at first glance, looked like it had been mauled by some wild animal. However, for those with a brave enough stomach to further inspect this atrocity, they'd find that every cut, tear, and every inch of exposed and expelled flesh and organs had been cut, torn, stitched and pinned with very careful precision. It was the product of a long-time study, now come to fruition. For the most careful person would discover that the cat known as Mr. Jones was alive.

Ginerva sat with her scrawny legs held up to her chest, a peculiar look on her face. As was usual for the girl, she wore a brave attempt at defiance, carefully masking a dreadful fear. But, something had begun to change in Ginerva's mask. For the first time, there was an almost manic expression on her face, as though something in her head was dying, and already giving birth to a strange and foreign beast.
The child didn't know what to do with this new-found frenzy. She simply felt grateful that there was no one around to see this scene, in which she was the most disturbing sight - even compared to the thing that pulsed, smelled, and made strange, gurgled, almost human noises beside her.

But she had to stay here, with her creation. Because soon Ginerva Mackenzie really wouldn't be alone.

And sure enough, just as Ginerva stole another sickened glance at Mr. Jones, and let out a nervous high-pitched giggle, a shadow cast itself over her. He head whipped up as her heart skipped about three and a half beats.
She tried to soften her expression as the fourteen year old boy crawled under the porch to join her. He was four years older than her, but she considered him her only friend.

"Hello, dear cousin," she said. Ginerva called him that so often, that anyone would be hard pressed to make her utter his name - even today.

"Little Sweetie," he replied, with a slightly crooked smile. That was the only flaw in his face, Ginerva had decided, but it was her favorite part.
He had thick, soft brown hair that gleamed slightly gold in the sunlight. His eyes were dark and deep, his skin smooth and rich. His young body was well-toned, and his face still full from childhood.
She could never compare to him, what with her constantly malnourished-looking body, her round mousy face, and her straw-like hair that could never quite be convinced to stay untangled. Her eyes, which used to change color day to day, had now stuck themselves on a dull gray-brown. Even seeing her cousin didn't cause that bright sparkle in her eyes anymore. "Almost eleven, and already past her peak," he would say with a sad shake of his head. But he still told her she was pretty.

Now he sat with that lopsided grin, trying to look over Ginerva's shoulder. She sat at an angle that blocked Mr. Jones completely from view.

"Come now, my Little Sweetie," he said gently. Then he placed a long-fingered hand on her shoulder, softly pushing her aside. She shuddered at his touch. He simply smiled at this, as though his dog had just learned to beg, then turned his attention away from her.

He was crouched low over the former cat, a lighter in his hand to allow him to fully inspect the body. Every so often he'd make a 'hmm' noise, and touch his pointer to his chin. He held a skinny, sharp metal instrument in the other hand, and would occasionally poke at the almost-corpse to inspect something. Each time he did, Mr. Jones would make a small, pathetic noise. A couple of times, Ginerva heard her cousin say, 'Very nice,' or 'Excellent.' Ginerva's nervous grin grew each time he complimented her work, and a distorted form of that old gleam would return to her eyes.

"Wait," he suddenly said, sharply. Ginerva's face paled in the partial darkness. She had hoped she was careful enough, that he wouldn't notice.
"The most important lesson, Ginerva," he breathed, his voice now dangerously low, and almost feral.

Ginerva just made a small, quiet noise, akin to that of a dying rodent.
Her cousin now looked at her, his dark eyes gleaming almost red even after the lighter had been flicked out. This time when he spoke, he spoke more strongly, angry violent. "The most important lesson, Ginerva!"
And before she had a chance to utter a word, his hand flew backward into her face. Unprepared, Ginerva fell onto the dirt-covered ground, whimpering slightly and rubbing her cheek.

"Pain, Ginerva! What is the point unless the subject can truly appreciate what we are doing to them - what we hold over them?! Why do you think we keep them alive??"

"S... Seamus," Ginerva whispered.

"You gave that cat anesthetic, didn't you? Didn't you??"
She didn't answer.
He made a contemptuous noise, and struck her again. When she didn't get back up, and just lay curled on the ground, he grabbed her wrist and yanked her up. Ginerva's head hung down, her shoulders hunched in fear, while the rest of the body slumped in trained submission.

Suddenly, however, a gentle finger rested under her chin, bringing her eyes to his once more. They looked soft again; his smile had returned. But his right hand still gripped Ginerva's tightly, as it turned red to speckled white from lack of circulation.

"Come, Little Sweetie, I'm not angry," he cooed smoothly, now caressing her face with his free hand. She fell into it almost automatically, half dreading, half longing. Her cousin did love her, see? He's just concerned.
Then she winced as a pang of pain shot through her hand as it began to numb.

"Why, Ginny? Why did you give the cat the anesthetic? Mommy would not be happy that you stole from her office. It must have been important for you to take such a risk."

Ginerva found her words more easily now as Seamus comforted her. But, her voice still trembled. "I-I thought that if I gave him just - just a little, it would help prolong his consciousness... that way I could sustain him long enough to finish the project." Her entire countenance was small and feeble. She willed herself fiercely not to allow a single tear to escape her eye. She had become rather good at it by now.

"Oh, Ginerva," Seamus said, trailing a long finger down the side of her neck. "I know you're lying." His voice was not accusatory, but sweet and placating. But Ginerva knew this was his most dangerous voice. "You wanted to ease that cat's pain, didn't you? You felt sorry for the damnable creature. But you must learn one day, Ginny Dear, that this creature, like so many others like it, are below us. They are tinker toys. We, though, we are so - much - greater." Passion began to ooze from his voice, like a sugary, venomous sap. He was sitting closer to Ginerva now. The hand gripping her wrist had loosened slack and was lowered to her side. The other still played idly with her neck and bony shoulder.

"Even other humans are lesser than us, Ginerva. Even your mother. Oh, yes. And one day, they'll see that. And oh, what a day that will be!"

When Seamus had finished his oft-recited speech, he was impossibly close to his younger cousin. His right knee rested between her legs, just barely brushing her pelvis. His face was close to hers, so much that she could feel his warm breath against her cheeks. Her heart was beating so fast, knowing apprehension gilded with the excited and twisted hope that this time would be different.

But of course, it wasn't.

Seamus' hand was already working up her neck, fingers finding their way around the tiny diameter, like a coiling serpent.
Just as Ginerva tried to cry out, her cousin tightened his grip, and pinned her to the ground. She stared up, terrified as Seamus held her, knees now pressing down on her legs. Her arms he left, the weak little twigs were never a threat.

He then took the pointed metal tool, and pressed it close to the underside of the girl's chin, 'till it just broke skin, and a small bead of blood trickled out. The handsome boy leaned in and licked up the trailing blood sat up, and smacked his lips approvingly.

"You will learn, Little Sweetie. And in time, you will realize just how much you enjoy it."

And, just as always, he released her and got up, stopping at Mr. Jones. He reached down, and with an ugly look on his beautiful face, he cracked the animal's tiny neck.
Then, without another word or look at Ginerva, he crawled out from under the porch, and disappeared.

It was nearly twenty minutes before Ginerva dared to sit up again.
When she did, she dragged Mr. Jones' still and silent body towards her. She scooped up the pile of bones and guts and held it close to her, stroking what was left of his head. She drew her knees up to herself again, and she cuddled the smelling corpse as though it were a favorite stuffed animal, kissing it gently.

The girl sat outside, below to porch, behind the shrub.
And she realized that she would never be alone, yet quite deep inside her, she always would be

Poetry / Hand of Fate
« on: April 18, 2008, 04:07:15 pm »
This is an extremely old poem of mine. About three years old. But I find it endearing, and wanted to share it.

Hand of Fate

You are not what you seem

I lost my way down on Broadway.
It seems uncanny how often we find ourselves on Memory Lane
And how often we can't find a way out.

What was that?
I couldn't hear you.
Then again, I can't hear at all.
Where I am, no one can hear me, either.
It's strange.
Though I am alone, I am happy.

I am alone...
I am happy...

Now I am confused.
It seems ridiculous how often we find ourselves
I'm closing in on myself.

What now?
I see your hand.
You want me to take it.
Can I reach?
I strain long and hard.
You're here.

We take the final bow, and lose ourselves together.

Precursors Artwork / Precursors 'Fan Art'
« on: March 16, 2008, 12:20:19 am »
On the online forums GaiaOnline, (Link), I am holding an art contest. It is majorly an art/anime fan forums, so there are a lot of nifty artists there.

Here I'm going to post some of my favorites.

And this is the first one.
Read Simon's bio for the specific scene, (Link) but the artist, pach_work, depicted the scene in which Jonathan 'dies,' and truly becomes Simon, as his sweet Sylvia drives him to brutally murder Julia.

View it's godliness. Morgul had actually already asked me to draw this scene, and now that I've seen this one, I think I have the inspiration to do it.  :rockon:

I'll be posting more nifty ones as they come.

Characters / [Canon]: Emerwyn Achenson
« on: March 13, 2008, 09:48:16 pm »

Characters / [Canon]: Ginerva MacKenzie
« on: March 13, 2008, 03:00:27 am »
Ginerva MacKenzie
by Virginia E. Case

Full Name: Ginerva Lin Mackenzie
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 108 lb.
Eye Color: Brown Hazel
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Heritage: Terran
Affiliation: Terran (Major - Intelligence, Biogenetic Research)

Personality: Ginerva is a disturbing person in many ways. She is sadistic and cruel, and seemingly indifferent about her choice of 'victims,' whom she endearingly refers to as 'subjects.' She has very little respect for human life, and views all other life as a toy for her to play with, to learn from. She is passionate about her science, her primary subjects being genetics and biochemistry. Most of all, she enjoys the profound connection between mental and physical pain.

The most disturbing thing by far, however, is the manner in which she performs her little experiments, the genuine joy, the peppy and chipper demeanor. Her exceedingly high-pitched voice chills the strongest man; even more can be said for her laugh, sharp, piercing, and inhuman. She takes great joy in all she does, in the manner of an over-excited school-girl.

Quirks: Ginerva's very unique laugh is her most potent quirk. At first, one would want to pass it off as silly, or simply awkward. But it is so shrill, and so unnatural, that it gives the woman an inhuman appearance, making her very frightening to be around.

Her other quirk is her fondness for old medical tools. Her favorite is the needle syringe. All of these painful appliances have been out of use for decades, but she claims they are far more efficient than the modern tools. In truth, they draw out her experiments, and her subjects' pain.

History: Ginerva was an only child, raised by both of her parents. She also lived nearby her cousin, Seamus, who was four years older than her. He was over very frequently, and her parents were ignorant of her, so he taught her most of what she grew up knowing.

Seamus was very intelligent, as was Ginerva, so he taught her the things that he was learning in school. She learned it all very well, especially the sciences. He was equally passionate about them, and brought Ginerva along to study the world around them, and even to conduct some personal experiments. As they grew older, the experiments grew more grisly, and often involved the mutilation of small animals.

Ginerva grew dependent on Seamus, for companionship, and as the only elder who paid her any mind. She was also such an awkward child, that she had no real friends. Seamus was welcoming, and kind. But he was also manipulative, and often used Ginerva towards his own ends. Anywhere from nicking money from her parents to performing some of the more unsavory parts of the experiments. Sometimes Ginerva would be very uncomfortable with what he asked of her, but then his demeanor would change, become cold and cruel, and he would frighten her into doing his bidding.

It also became apparent, especially after Seamus turned thirteen, that his abuse toward Ginerva was becoming sexual. He never touched her explicitly, but he threatened her with it, often while holding something sharp to her neck. They used her mother's dentists tools to perform operations, so they were always handy.

The peak of Ginerva's terrible relationship with her cousin came when she was ten, Seamus fourteen. He had instructed her to perform an experiment independently, with an interesting goal. She took her mother's cat, Mr. Jones, of whom she was very jealous. The cat got far more love and attention than she ever did. Then, she proceeded to use the equipment they had stolen and built, and she took Mr. Jones apart, to 'see how he worked.' But, to truly understand how he worked, she had to ensure that he was still working when she took him apart! She sustained him, and he still breathed, performed bodily functions, and even moaned as she worked, hiding under the porch. Seamus came to check on her, and found that she had used anesthetic on the cat, removing some of the pain. Though she protested that she had to, to keep Mr. Jones conscious, Seamus was furious, and hit her. She was petrified, and he pinned her to the ground, holding a scalpel to her throat. After leaving a cut on her neck, he left, disgusted.

Ginerva never stood up to her cousin, or even truly realized that what he was doing to her was wrong. No one was ever there to argue the contrary. She only escaped his physical, and some of his mental abuse, when she moved up in school. She went to a boarding school for gifted students, and was very rarely home. Only over the summer was she home, and Seamus went out of his way to leave work or school to take advantage of her again.

Ginerva only grew more brilliant with time, and since her experiment on Mr. Jones, began to truly enjoy the sadistic nature of her brilliance, born from Seamus' abuse. She went on to higher levels of school. At the highest level of her schooling, before she was to apply for the research division of the Terran Government, she was caught doing illegal and unethical experiments on a fellow student, whom she had sedated. She was immediately expelled, and arrested.

However, Ginerva was far too brilliant and promising to be ignored. Terran Intelligence had noticed her, and wanted her. So, they arranged for all the proper paperwork to be filled out, got Ginerva released, and handed her her degree. She then started working for the Terran Military, and after her training, quickly ascended in the ranks.

By the age of twenty-eight, Ginerva Mackenzie is now the only Scientist/Researcher who is actually a member of the Terran Military. With all she does for them, they have no problems with her conducting her own personal experiments at her leisure.And yet, nightmares of her cousin still haunt her. She's received a couple of messages from him, but responded to none. She still has not seen him, but dreads that he may one day return for her...

Featured in:

Precursors Artwork / Precursors Character Artwork
« on: March 09, 2008, 10:53:15 pm »
Emerwyn the art slave is at it again. o.O
And she's drawing every Precursors character Morgul can spit at her!!!

I have a SMALL WIP of all the ones I've done so far. So don't expect to see much ... yet.
I'm currently coloring them all in Photoshop and working on drawing the ones I haven't done yet.

That is the current Work in Progress of the lot. The sizes are not properly relative to each other, this I know. ;)
I think I may post larger versions of each of them next, in b&w, but only if somebody asks. :P

Comments are welcome!

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