Author Topic: News late in breaking!  (Read 923 times)

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News late in breaking!
« on: April 24, 2008, 02:41:08 pm »
This is old news to some, but I figured I'd say it again:

Precursors is back!

We've decided to switch development focus back to Precursors, starting off with a full rewrite. The only piece of code that has been kept so far is the GUI, because that was one of the last pieces to be implemented, and one of the best designs out of our old code. Other than that, we're starting from scratch.

Some of you may be asking, "why?" We have been working on Precursors for 4 years now (wow!) and over that time, we've grown exponentially as developers. We've learned a lot of lessons from our work on Precursors thus far, and it has helped us realize the shortcomings in the initial design.

Also, all of the libraries we based the game on have undergone significant changes since we last worked on Precursors, forcing us to make a decision: either struggle trying to update our code for the latest version, or rewrite from scratch. Since we decided some time ago that our underlying designs were in dire need of rethinking, we chose the latter option.

Since we decided to start over from scratch, we've taken the opportunity to make some other administrative changes to the project. First off, we renamed Precursors. It is no longer The Seventh Game: Precursors, it is now Requiem for Innocence: Precursors. (Nee!) (Shh!) Second, we moved Trac over to our main web server, upgraded it to the latest version, and made a completely new Trac project for the game, clearing out a bunch of old, outdated information. Third, we switched our source control from Subversion to Bazaar, a decentralized revision control system, allowing us much more flexibility in our development model.

As of right now, we have code in the repository which shows a nicely reskinned GUI. It's far from fully functional (we'd need the rest of the game implemented to be able to do that) but it's a great start, and allows us to get development started on a number of different platforms. We're also in the midst of designing a new networking plugin for Crystal space and CEL, geared toward MMO gameplay and integration into the CS framework.

Things are currently a bit slow-going, as most of us have plenty of other 'real-life' issues on our plates at the moment, but stick with us... we'll be back to give you that kickass game we've been promising.
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