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Okay, this one will be moderated by me fairly closely.  I got the idea from another forum that I post on.

This is fairly simple.  We play calvinball, using no objects other than what would normally be found in Calvin's backyard (also anything in a croquet set is legal - i.e. wickets, mallets, etc.).

Each poster must post as either Calvin or Hobbes.  You will always post opposite the poster above you.  If you are Calvin, then your posts need to look like this.  If you are Hobbes, then your posts need to look like this.

Just make up a rule and have fun with it.  Bear in mind though, that you need to come up with a clever way to negate a rule if you don't want it to be in effect.

Be sure to end your post with an open ended action that the next person can use.

For Example:

Calvin bounces the ball into play off his forehead (as required since he started the game within the "forehead bounce zone") and runs towards his own goal, crossing into the hop on one foot border. 

Calvin hops frantically on one foot but trips in a gopher hole.

Hobbes scoops up the ball and runs to the rock of foreign national anthems, he throws the ball toward his goal while singing the Norwegian National Anthem (for double points, due to the Norwegian vocal scoring factor).

The ball bounces off the post of dizzyness.

Not too hard is it?  I'll be nice at first, but you need to try to get the hang of the game fairly quickly, as I WILL be deleting posts that just don't work.

Consider those two the first plays of the game, next person start with Calvin and the post of dizzyness.

okay...Calvin gets the ball and runs around hobbes till he's dizzy and runs to his goal( when the other player is dizzy, triple points due to the dizzyness factor)

Hobbes spins around in his dizzyness and touches the flag of goal reversal.  Calvin is now running towards the wrong goal!

Hobbes quickly moves between Calvin and his goal, crossing into the "squawk like a chicken for two minutes" border.

Calvin steals the ball from Hobbes during the two minutes in his squaking zone and gallops like a horse across the field for an extra four points due to the Horsey factor.

Hobbes catches Calvin and puts a saddle on him (adding the "breaking in" clause to the Horsey factor). Calvin must now buck like a bronco while Hobbes scoops up the ball and runs toward the swing dance zone.


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