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RaptorNL / Some remarks about the raptornl design.
« on: November 21, 2006, 12:18:43 pm »


I took a quick look over the code in svn and have a few remarks I'd like to make.

I am not sure if you wish to use the raptornl code for both client and server, but I've seen a few things I have my doubts about regarding efficiency and scalability. First of all you use select() extensively in the code. This has a few distinct disadvantages:
  • You are limited to a fixed number of file descriptors (default for linux this is 1024, on windows this is 64)
  • You must manipulate fdsets even if only polling a single fd
Most of these are solved by using poll() on unix.
For windows it seems Completion Ports are the answer. I have no experience with these though.

From what I can see there is also no way to do any sort efficient input polling. The only way to know if any socket has data is to poll them all. This is only acceptable if you only have a few sockets.

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