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The Wallth Are Thoundproof / Re: Blonde Moments
« on: November 10, 2008, 05:32:35 pm »
There was a guy in my class named Bobbie Spicer. We were both in english , there was a fire drill ... He jumped out the escape window , he ran over to the bleachers there the track field . To his girlfriend in gym class . Started to makeout with her. All sudden you could hear loud crazy culver ( the teacher known for being loud) started swearing at spicer . I was pretty shocked she was saying these things because the principal was right there. He continued  to makeout with his girlfriend and ignored Ms Culver . He went back in the classroom like nothing happened . He got a weeks worth of dentention . He did this ten times later on in there of high school..

General / Re: Corrupt a Wish...
« on: October 07, 2008, 05:28:54 pm »
Sorry but your stuck there until  4:00 better get use to it .

I wish candy was nutritious so my dentist wouldn't yell at me.

smiley here  so now you know who i am ok

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