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Introduction Thread: New users, please post here!

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Well, I see that we have a bunch of new people who've joined. However, most haven't posted yet, so to break the ice, I figured I'd make a Introduction thread, so new users can introduce themselves, and possibly even tell us where they heard about the site, what they think, and somehting about themselves.

Me, I'm the story behind the game, and the guy who's trying to hold it all together... not that I mind. It's fun, and the kind of thing I'm good at. I'm pretty friendly, and I like answering questions, so please, feel free to ask.

Welcome to the forums, and please, remember that we want to hear from everyone! Please, post! :-D


I'll follow up with a little bit about myself.

I'm Contingencyplan, or Brian for those who know me.  I'm a student at a college here in Texas, studying Computer Science.  I love the subject so much I'm planning to get my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in it.  I'm also toying with the idea of getting an MBA afterwards, though I haven't decided.

I spend almost all of my time in front of a computer, either playing games or working on Precursors.  I joined onto the Precursors dev team as a programmer not too long ago, and have been enjoying myself ever since.

Personally, I'm more an ivory-tower theorist than a practician - I prefer to deal with things on an abstract level, and leave others to the details of how to actually make it work in the current system.  However, I also enjoy programming and turning my ideals into actual code.

I want to second morgul's welcome to the forums - everybody come and post your ideas about the game.  We want to hear from you!

Hi, another Chris here!  I came across the site while starting to do research into my own space MMORPG idea.  A lot of the things i had brained stormed are the same things that are planned here.  So I emailed the other Chris, we'll just call him C1, and he said post here.

So about me...

I'm a 26 year old software developer for a Fortune 500 phone/isp company in the US (going on almost 5 years).  I am completely self-taught in php, java, c, perl, mysql, oracle, networking, and all of the fun isp related technologies.  The only thing longer then my resume is the list of geek related items on my list.  The list includes, d&d, larp, everquest, dark ages of camelot, anarchy online, world of warcraft, eve online, everquest 2, and a probably more then i am forgetting.  Some of my favorite games of all times are Privateer 2 and the Wing Commander series...getting back to those roots would be a dream come true.

I'd like to join the dev team and see what i can learn of C++, Crystal 3d, and all of the other fun tools.  Even if that doesnt work i'd like to join in some other facate (web integration, day-to-day web tools, etc.).  Ok, i've rambled enough..time to go download the alpha version and play a bit.  Hope to see you all around on the boards and irc.

Peace !

Chris (topher)

Dangit, now we got Chris1 and Chris2...  Now how am I going to keep them straight? ;-)

Seriously, glad to meet you.  morgul forwarded us (whitelynx and myself) your email - your resume sounds impressive, to say the least.

Personally, I'd like to see some of the work you've done, especially code-wise (assuming you can do so legally - i.e., not under a NDA or something of that sort).  

Something that I think we'd find quite useful is your experience with networking, presumably with networking programming included in that.  We're looking at using RakNet for our networking, and we'd definitely appreciate someone who could do some work on that for us.  Personally, I know nothing about networking, so someone who works in that field for a living would certainly be useful.

Also, if I may ask - what education have you received? I'm just curious - we're all in college, so it'd be interesting to work with someone who's in the field already, to see the difference in outlook and such.  If that makes a lick of sense. :-P

Anyways, glad to meet you!

No education past high school.  It was all self taught and just keeps going from there.  I've always been the youngest developer at the places i work because i got a 4 year head start =)

I've done networking in perl, php, and java language wise but understand network from a concept and implementation level.  I took a look at the Rakkarsoft stuff and it has good docs and looks clean from their tutorials and examples.



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