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(the following is in memory of all the pirates lost in the war between the Lords of Fear and the Children of Fear. A war that could have been avoided by the simple changing of a clan tag. chronicled by Zachary Tobal, Captian of the Guardian Angel.)

There came a rich deposit,
  of minerals to be sold.
These minerals sold for much,
  much much more than gold.
The rescourcers went and got them.
  against what they'd been told.
With minerals they filled up,
  their precious cargo holds.
The cruisers came quite quickly,
  resourcers didn't stand a chance.
The few left from the first wave,
  took up a fighting stance.
Though they all fought bravely,
  merely prolonging their demise.
The last were soon wiped out,
 to nobody's surprise.
Their ship hulls split,
  and cargo holds lost.
How many more ships,
  would this dreaded war cost.


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