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i just realized we have a whole bunch of people that write stuff. and i know i always like feedback on what i do, so i was thinking maybe everyone else would too. So....maybe we could have an area or topic or whatever for people to share what they've written, even if it doesn't pertain to the game. just an idea.

The short story area applies to that really well, and it's not only for Precursors. We could see if it could be expanded to writing in general. I think that might be a neat idea. Might get me moving on some of the little projects I've wanted to work on.  :huh:

Gun Slinger:
I've written a few things, but nothing that has anything to do with anything on this forum.  A general writing type thing would be great.

well...i didn't just necessarily mean stories when i said writing....poems should see some of the ones Sheena's written.  :blink:



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