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Restarting Precursors Development


It's been a while since we put Precursors on hold, and while we had intended to develop another game first, now that life has taken it's course, I've decided that Precursors is the game I've wanted to do, and the game I will do. So, we're restarting the code base, and getting the project moving again.

One of our previous problems was that development was never self sustaining. Frankly, this is a problem, and I would really like to hear some ideas on how to solve it. We desperately need both artists and developers (developers more so then artists, honestly.) So, if you know anything (or are interested yourself) then please, send an e-mail to [email protected]

All of you 'old hats' who haven't been on the forums in a while, we invite you to come back. All of you 'newbies' we hope you'll stay, and share in our triumphs (and failures!)

Welcome, and enjoy your stay. And, as always, the stage is set, the pieces in place. What story will you tell?



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