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Book 1: Only in Dreams

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Ravyn would be my very old 'net pseudonym. Very, very old.

Gin, just hit him. Or deny sex. Make him sleep on the couch. And then walk around naked while he's on the couch, walk into the bedroom, and lock the door. BWAHAHAHA.  :cop:

And I was speaking more of Facebook stalking. A guy in my (old) guild on WoW found me on Facebook using the WoW application I had. Yeah, I left that server (he was a creep to me anyway.)

Gun Slinger:
I need the comics to work...

GS, there's already a news post there saying that we're severely behind, because work is really stressful. It takes Morgul several HOURS to ink each strip, so getting them up is difficult right now.
I'm really sorry, but we need to set the priorities right now.  :(

Out of curiosity, why do you need them to work?
*Which by the way, they are working, and the server's fine. They're just not UPDATED.*


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