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Well, it's been a while since I first made our old forum theme, and frankly, it's pretty broken. So, after some deliberation, I installed several new themes, and I've decided on a new default theme: Alienation. I expect that over the next month or two I'll tweak it; for now, it's fine as is. I also want to update the forums, and then start using them again. Also, I expect to have a few themes defaulted for certain boards; Like an Athenaeum theme once I make a board for it.

Should anyone object to the new default, feel free to change it. Also, should you think you could make a better theme, please, do. I welcome all themes. (Or if you have a pet favorite and want to see it added to the forums, go right ahead.

Well, that's all there is to announce at the moment. There may be some more interesting things later.


I think we oughta recolor the GNE logo to match the green in this theme - I dig it, but the blue feels out of place.

It'd be more then possible to do; I'll see about futzing with it.


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