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CK the Fat:
When I click the link it asks me if I want to download something... is that what I want?

Ummm... no. What browser are you using? If you're using IE, that might explain this; the site doesn't work with IE... (IE's waaay too broken for us to even think about hacking in support.) If you can, try firefox. It's a better browser, imho. (and I've never gotten any spyware from it.)

..once IE 7 is out, we should be able to support that.

This has been fixed. It was actually a problem in the site's code that kept it from sending the right headers for IE, which doesn't support XHTML. (so the site has to be billed as straight HTML, which it actually isn't) Anyways, it should work in IE now.

IE7 or not, Firefox will still kick its ass. Give it a shot.

I confirm it works in IE6. Haven't booted vista since it's been fixed, so I can't confirm what it looks like in IE7. Now, keep in ming the site looks like trash in IE6... but it's still usable for blog and comic viewing.


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