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[Announcement:] Requiem 'Going Live' Date and Preview


Well, we've decided that Requiem For Innocence will go online on Monday, September 11th. The comic will update once every two weeks while we get the hang of it, and then it will eventually move up to weekly updates. (The goal is to eventually have two or three updates a week, but we'll need to have a large enough backlog to work from in order to do that. Donations would most certainly convince us to do that.)

As a free little gift, I present to everyone on the forums the 'Cover' for the first Arc, 'Prelude for Requiem'. Enjoy.

Update: Unfortunately, it appears that we won't be able to go live with the site as planned. Currently there are some difficulties with the site itself,and whitelynx doesn't feel it can be ready in a few hours. Instead, he would like to push it off to October 31st, and I agreed. Until them we will be previewing the site to a few select people. When it goes life, it will be at: http://comic.g33xnexus.com. Sorry for the delay, folks.

Update 2: Well, it looks like the site's coming along well. However, to hold people over, we've put up a filler at: http://www.g33xnexus.com/comic (still tryong to get the subdomain working right.) So, have a look, ejoy, and keep checking back as we will have the first arc up in no time. (Well, more like a week or so, but still.)

Update 3: We're having some trouble with g33xnexus.com. So, for now the site is 'Live' and hosted on a secondary server: https://adidas.servegame.org/comic/ (This will be changing as soon as g33xnexus.com is repaired. Don't worry, we'll let you know.) Regardless of this, we consider the site 'Live' and we're going to be pointing people to it from now on!

Please note, it will actually be going live midnight monday, so really it'll be September 12th.  The comics will update every two weeks (hopefully at midnight each monday) until I get a decent backlog going, then we'll up it to every week.

Hope you guys enjoy!  Oh, and don't be put off by the first three strips or so . . . we had some trouble consolidating the style.


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