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Adidas upgrade
« on: May 02, 2006, 11:04:30 pm »
Our server, adidas, was upgraded tonight. Basically, we looked around the apartment for the best parts we could find and tossed them all in a new case, and transplanted the hard drives from the old adidas. Coincidentally, adidas is back in the same case it was in 6 months ago.

Now for the juicy part: Our old subversion repository is no more. Now, before you get upset, let me tell you what we've done. We've split it into separate repositories for the game, documentation, and the website. Now, to get a copy of the game, you'll type:

Code: [Select]
svn co svn:// precursors
and to get the gamedata:

Code: [Select]
svn co svn:// precursors/gamedata

If you have an existing checkout, you can switch to the new directories with the following commands:

Run from within the precursors directory:
Code: [Select]
svn sw --relocate svn:// svn://
svn sw svn://

Run from within the precursors/gamedata directory:
Code: [Select]
svn sw --relocate svn:// svn://
svn sw svn://

The instructions on building the game (found at have been updated accordingly.

That should be it for this update, folks!

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