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Well, since it's so much fun n the GoRC forums, I figured I'd give it a shot here. Let's play a game of 'Corrupt a wish.' Rules are very simple: You reply with a corruption of the wish above you (something to make it backfire, or just something bad) and you then include your wish below that. Wishes can be anything. So, I'll start off.

I wish I wasn't so damned soar from camping, and splitting wood.

This kind of a post is why I wanted an off-topic forum. This way we can have this forum be specific to Precursors (e.g., ideas for the game, discussion of features, etc.) without it getting overloaded by off-topic stuff.

There, you got your wish. Now, dammit, play the game >:( !  :P ;D

I still wish I wasn't soar.

Okay, your not sore anymore...but you broke your leg instead:-P

I wish I had a job that paid more.

You get a job that pays more, however, you develope a crush on your supervisor. You obsess over him so much, that I grow disgusted, and leave you. Finally, you get the courage up to asking him out, only to find out that 'he' is really a 'she'. (Don't you just love gender neutralizing uniforms?)

I wish I had and android companion to do my bidding... and my homework.


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