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Title: Words
Post by: Morgul on August 07, 2008, 03:51:00 pm

What are these words like paint and brush,
Deafening screams and whispers hush?
Like sharp knives cut and claws that tear,
like needle and thread, they do repair.
What are these words that echo fears,
that give us strength and dry our tears?
They tell us tales of long ago,
they come too fast, they come too slow.
Are words unspoken just shadows found,
like thunder blasts, without a sound.
These silent words of thoughts unspoken,
of dreams to come and hearts not broken.
What are these words that mean so much,
that light our souls like a lover's touch?
Where do they go when we are done,
when our lungs propel them from our tongue?
They will live forever in our souls,
like undying embers from timeless coals.

--Scott C. Case

(Yup, that's an original by my father.)
Title: Re: Words
Post by: xofelf on March 01, 2009, 12:16:26 pm
okay....i didn't see this before...but wow Chris, your dad can write. just wow...